Conversation with Dr Alison Mackenzie about epistemic injustice

Alison Oct 2018Alison has a particular interest in issues of epistemic injustice in education, with her research and teaching spanning a range of different contexts in which injustice and inequality are reproduced and sustained by forms of ignorance. In addition to teaching and researching in higher education institutions in the UK, she has worked at school-level in her homeland Scotland, where she was Head of Social Subjects in a number of secondary schools specialising in Geography and Modern Studies, a uniquely Scottish subject focused on Politics, Sociology, International Relations and Citizenship Studies.

I initially met her when I moved to Northern Ireland, and we discovered we were perplexed and concerned by similar issues.

In this recorded interview, we discuss Alison’s interest in epistemic injustice and epistemologies of ignorance.



For a video of the interview access it on Youtube here

For more on Alison’s work, visit her institutional profile at…95d4d06a5f5).html

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