Conversation with Dr Nandita Banerjee Dhawan

nandita and i inside officeNandita’s interest is in women’s studies, with her research and teaching exploring various institutions, including those of marriage, family, religiosity in India. I initially was introduced to her through a recommendation for a research project, and so we ‘met’ each other virtually, and discussed how we were concerned with similar issues of inequality, and how these might be addressed or at least modelled within higher education.

Nandita and I are embarked on a pilot study related to gender and intersectionality, academic citizenship and agency in South African and Indian higher education in 2019-2020.

In this recorded interview, we discuss her interest in women’s studies. We made this informal recording during her visit to Belfast in November 2018 where she spoke at a seminar I organised at Queen’s University Belfast on Gender and Caste Inequalities in Higher Education in India (see here). The pic above was taken in my office building.

For more on Nandita’s work, see


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