Conversation with Dr Nompilo Tshuma about criticality in academics’ digital learning


Nompilo has been working educational technology in both student and staff development since 2005. She currently manages a range of teaching and research technologies in terms of licencing and training. She is also a researcher in educational technology and academic staff development, and is passionate about challenging academics to be critically reflective about their use of educational technology.

I initially met her when we were both participants of a teaching and learning course at Rhodes University in the early 2000’s, and both lecturing in other departments. Years later, we landed up as colleagues at the Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL) – and certainly I benefited in my own development through our interactions!

In this interview, we discuss Nompilo’s interest in critical studies in educational technology in higher education. The pic below is taken in her office when she was at Rhodes, during a visit I made meeting with researchers and practitioners within the institution and in Makhanda in September 2018.

You can follow Nompilo at @nompilotshuma

Reference the recording: DZ Belluigi. 2018. Discussion with Dr Nompilo Tshuma. Audio recording. Courtesy of Dr Belluigi.


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