Conversation with Dr Tom Parkinson about academic development

tom picture Oct 2019

Tom has a background in the arts and arts education, as he discusses in our conversation, where aspects of that interest have been retained as traces in his academic development work in the UK and in his role for with displaced academics through the CARA Syrian Programme. He acted as the external advisor for a master’s level course in Higher Education Studies which I developed – in the pic above he was in Belfast for that purpose.

Tom is leading on a network with colleagues from Syria, Turkey, South Africa and other relevant contexts on academic development which is responsive to post/conflict needs. Our first workshop will be in June 2019.

The recorded discussion comes from a December meeting we had in London.

tom picture Dec 2018

For more on Tom’s work see

Reference the content: D Z Belluigi. 2018. Discussion with Tom Parkinson. Audio recording downloaded from the website Broken Vessels, courtesy of Dr Belluigi.

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