Assessment in the Creative Arts

Throughout my academic career I have researched creative arts education and assessment in higher education. Like no other discipline, the creative arts enables students to think, feel and be in the problematic and creative liminal spaces of life, community, self and the academy; of theory and practice; of ideals and realities. It is one of the few assessment traditions where interpretations are made in an oral, public nature, and so I continue to find a wealth of opportunity for how conflicts within interpretation is an educational opportunity.

I continue exploring the significance of ‘situating the author’ in adult education, particularly in the creative arts in post-conflict and postcolonial contexts, as this is where the creativity and criticality of image-makers are most vulnerable to the power of education to enable or constrain the ways in which they negotiate their inheritance of legacy issues, ideologies and beliefs. I am interested in how commemoration and memorialization functions on campuses in post-conflict contexts, and to facilitate such creative projects. I continue to work with Analogue Eye, an artist-led curatorial project for African fine art video artists, and hope to enable future projects in campus contexts.

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