Transformation in HE

Imbued with political capital and often cited in rhetoric, ‘transformation’ is a signifier floating in associations that vary greatly, dependent on the speaker, context and a whole range of often obtuse intentions. In some places, discourses of transformation are drawn upon to inform structural and cultural initiatives aimed at change in contexts grappling with structural inequalities, where transformation is often twinned with diversity, inclusivity and social justice. In others, transformation discourses are synonymous with modernisation in terms of digital technology.  I am interested in analysing the constructed nature of such discourses and whose interests they serve and goals they further, particularly in terms the role of higher education in relation to learning, teaching and knowledge creation at the local and global level.

While I teach about this, to provoke debate and enable heterogeneous research, and conduct related research, I’d welcome your input. Comment in the space below, to collate resources and thoughts on how to negotiate these discourses in meaningful ways.


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