Discourse & Debates

Higher Education Studies is a multidisciplinary field which draws from and across many rich terrains – well placed to be richly informed, and to trouble traditions and hierarchies.

These pages are structured by some of the debates and dilemmas which continue to plague higher education across the globe. They feature in aspects of my work – and so I have created spaces for further borderless interactions on them.

In my teaching, I attempt to structure participants’ engagement in ways which create a dialogue between situating ourselves and authoring our own understandings and desires within our various contexts (be that geopolitical, disciplinary, professional, personal) to cultivate an emigre consciousness of that in which we are situated and that which is beyond – how we are received, experienced, compared and possibilities for what may be.

The hope is that participants not only act as critical readers of the cultural artefacts of academic texts (including their own and my voice as ‘teacher/ researcher’), but producers of that which has critical meaning within and beyond higher education. I see myself as a peer, working alongside participants of my courses, and learning from them as I too negotiate this im-possible task, of meaningful academic labour in this age. For more about the philosophies and practices underpinning my own approaches, go to this page.

In this spirit of openness and grace, please contribute to such discourses and debates about change, equity, quality and the digital in higher education.