Conversation with Dr Grace Ese-Osa Idahosa about academics’ agency for change

Grace has long been researching issues related to higher education. I initially came across her thinking she was reading for her PhD with Louise Vincent at Rhodes University in 2016, and was soon wanting more, particularly in terms of her approaches to conceptualising the individual agency of academics and the developing of the capacity for change. Our paths diverged, but have recently  converged in exploring how we can collaborate in our research interests. She is currently a postgraduate fellow of the Centre for Social Change at the University of Johannesburg. The image below (Grace is on the left) is from September 2018 when I visited that institution during a research trip, and we visited the Soweto campus .

In the interview below from August 2018 in Belfast, we discuss some of her motivations and meanderings.

You can follow Grace on Academia.ed at . For an up to date list of her publications visit


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